EML File Converter Tool

Mailsware EML Converter Toolkit
All-In-One Converter to Export EML & EMLX files to Multiple Email File Types

  • Convert multiple EML messages or batch of EML folders easily
  • Migrates email message along-with email attachments
  • Supports conversion of non-English text EML messages
  • Maintains complete messages fidelity during migration
  • Maintains folder structure during EML folders / files migration
  • File naming options to save EML email messages as per exact need
  • Convert EML messages in common popular email file types

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EML File Converter Tool

EML Converter Features

Easy Conversion of EML Files into Multiple File Formats
Single Converter to Batch Convert Multiple EML files

EML is a Electronic Mail Format that was designed to store email messages in the plain ASCII text form. EML is a document file. As we know that, It is very difficult to manage or organize so many files for the user and it is also difficult to handle and get data from these large number of email files. So, EML conversion is the best option for those users. Here, we have come up with the most amazing EML Converter, which will helps you a lot. This software comes up with so many advanced qualites.

Advanced Qualities of Mailsware EML Converter


With EML Converter software, transferring EML files to other file formats will be an easy task. The tool is ready to use, even for the first time users because of its self-explanatory & simple to follow UI. It helps to convert EML files to various other email clients and also to save EML files in many commonly used file formats.


EML file data will be preserved safe during conversion. No data will be lost or damaged. EML messages with its original format, credentials and properties will be available as it is in the destination file format.


Easy, fast and accurate solution to convert EML files to multiple file formats. EML file conversion is simplified to an easy 3 step process. User have to select EML file as source file, preview the content, and export it to desired file format – It’s as easy as that!

Provides Multiple or Batch of EML Folder Conversion

EML Converter provides problem free file export with minimal time utilization. To save time and effort, EML file converter gives multiple or batch of EML folder conversion option. If it is batch of EML folder conversion then user can choose it or if it is single EML file conversion then that is also possible.

Benefits of Multiple or Batch of EML folder Conversion


Convert multiple EML messages or batch of EML folders all in one go. This option reduces the effort of selecting individual EML files again and again during email conversion. If user need to migrate large number of EML message files, this option is best to choose.


EML files from various email clients can be selected and exported to any of the desired file format. EML file generated by MS Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Microsoft Entourage, Microsoft Windows Live Mail, The Bat! , Apple Mac Mail, eM Client, Mozilla Thunderbird, Zoho Mail, DreamMail, Eudora and Zarafa mail client can be selected and moved to new file format easily.


Complete folder with multiple EML message files can be selected and then moved to new file format without any error.

Retain Email Message Formatting Along-with Attachments

Email attachments are kept safe during EML file conversion. User will receive the emails with email attachments with it in the new file format also. As the entire process of EML Conversion is streamlined for user satisfaction, email attachments also will be kept unaltered.

Safekeeping of Metadata!!

During the conversion, the software also make sure that all the EML files Metadata properties are kept save such as – email addresses (sent & receive), date & time, subject, etc.

If you have the EML files save in any particular order in different folders. Well in that case let me assure you that Mailsware EML Converter will keep the accurate & exact folder hierarchy.

Non English Text Message ( EML UNICODE content) Conversion

Unfortunately, most of the EML Converters available online doesn’t support conversion of non-English text messages. But, Mailsware EML Converter is an exception. It successfully supports Non English Text Message (EML UNICODE content) conversion also. So, now user can rejoice, as non-English language messages in languages like Arabic, Japanese, Russian, Swedish, Hebrew, Chinese, Korean and Japanese stored in EML message files can also be converted to Outlook PST, Lotus NSF or MBOX, DOC, MSG, EMLX, HTML, etc. without any error.

Complete Support for Unicode EML Messages - Check It Here !

User can convert non-English text messages in EML format to any of the selected file format provided by the EML Converter tool. It supports to convert 18 separate language versions in EML Unicode file format such as characters specific to non-English alphabets, Japanese version, Baltic languages, the western European language, the English only versions as well as Arabic, Hebrew etc. to other formats.

In short the advance EML Conversion software can convert EML messages with content in any written language worldwide to Outlook PST, Office 365, DOC, and HTML like any of the desired file format provided.

Tested & Proved to Preserve EML File Message

You can trust EML Converter for a fast and secure EML conversion. Get the license and start EML file conversion now. To offer complete EML file migration, the tool guarantees to preserve EML file message intact. It’s now time to get the EML conversion done right, so choose the right tool and get it done right.


During EML file migration and after migration user will get the exact messages without any data loss. This promise is kept unbroken for millions of our users till date and now it’s time to serve the same for you also.


To make sure that our EML Converter tool does exactly what user need, we never leave any leaf unturned. Thus, all the features added in the tool works with 100% accuracy.

EML Folder Hierarchy Maintained

We developed EML Converter tool with the aim to provide a perfect email conversion tool to our users. Hence, you are getting a tool that is accurate, user friendly and simple to use here. EML folder hierarchy will be maintained for sure if you attempt EML file conversion with our tool. If you are interested to get a tool that will not alter your EML file messages, then you are at the right place.


Mailsware EML Converter provides a self-explanatory UI for its users. There will be a detailed user manual also for reference. All this additions makes the EML file conversion an easy to execute one.


Either choose EML folder conversion or EML file migration, all those features promised are equally served.

File Naming Convention and Many More Options

To effectively deal with the mail migration issues, EML Converter provides multiple user friendly features. Naming convention is one among them. User can name the file as per their choice while saving it. This will help in easy access of EML file messages in new messaging environment.

EML Converter – Its Feature Set, Its Specialization & Its Relevance

  • If you need a reliable, fast and affordable EML file converter, you can download it here. There is no such formalities to download EML Converter tool. You can simply select the download option and follow the steps.
  • Mailsware have a trusted user base around the globe. Our tools have successfully assisted them in their many mail migrations projects till date. We do not care for the file size, file origin or file complexities, what we care for is the safe, accurate and complete file conversion for our users.

EML Converter Support all EML Supportive Applications

Many email client applications support EML files such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, SeaMonkey, Outlook Express, and DreamMail etc. No matter which EML associated program you are using, our Mailsware EML Converter Tool easily convert all the EML files generated from any EML supportive application. So, convert EML files and get the complete and accurate conversion.

Trustworthy EML Converter

  • This tool is trusted by home users and enterprise users alike. The features like naming convention makes it the apt solution for many. In the entire journey, the EML Converter works perfectly even with the large mail files.

How to Convert EML Files - Step-by-Step Guide

Table of Contents

  • Select EML Files or EML Folder
  • Preview EML Messages
  • Select Saving Export Format
  • Start Conversion

Download, install and run Mailsware EML Converter.

Launch EML Converter Software

Click on "Select a Folder" option.
Select a Folder

Select the folder having EML file to get the preview of messages.
EML file folder selection

Check the complete preview of EML items such as emails and attachments etc..
Check the Preview

This software provides you with Search Option facility. Using this option, you can search for particular sent or received mails by choosing the desired option from the drop down.
Provide Serach Option

Software provides multiple File Saving options. Select the require file format and click on Convert button.
File Saving Option

The software will start converting messages to the require file format.
Conversion Process

After the conversion completes successfully, a message box appears. You can check the destination folder to see the output files.
Conversion Completed

Product Video of EML Converter

EML Converter Demo Limitations & Specifications

Size: 17.1 MB Version: 2.0

Trial Limitations

Trial Version allows you to convert first 25 messages from the source folder to multiple file types.

System Requirements

system requirements

FAQS Related to EML Converter

A: It is a file format an email message stored to a file in the format of MIME (Multi-purpose internet mail extension is an internet standard that increases the format of email to support). It contain plain ASCII text for the headers (American Standard Code for Information Interchange is the most popular format for the text files in computers on the internet in which each numeric, alphabetic, or special character is represented with a 7-bit binary number). EML format is developed by Microsoft Corporation and its primary association was Outlook Express. It is an Electronic Mail its MIME Type is message/rfc822. EML file was created to suits the industry RFC 822 standard that is that the normal format for Arpa internet text messages 1st planned in August 1982.
A: The utility to move EML emails to desired file format simply needs a Windows based platform and no additional application is necessitated during migration for support. With this software, you can convert as many EML files at a time as desired by the user.
A: Programming of the software is capable enough to support conversion of unlimited number of EML data items without encountering a failure.
A: EML files are supported by many email client applications such as MS Outlook 2013, MS Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Mozilla SeaMonkey etc.
A: Yes, you can preview the data before performing the data conversion to any of the desired format.

Screenshots of Mailsware EML Converter

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Comments (2)

Peter Galoska, Canada July 05, 2017

I have got bunch of EML file archives from Windows Mail folders. Do your solution work for me to convert my *.eml files of Windows Mail.




Author - replied on July 06, 2017

Yes, software will convert your EML archive of Windows Mail. Please select your folder and easily convert your .eml message files in desired file type.

Jeff Middleton, France July 08, 2017

We are a small company looking to purchase your eml message converter. But, we have a doubt about the speed of conversion. We have to convert 80 thousand eml messages in 1 day. Will this convert it in the required timeframe. Plz confirm. FYI, we have exported these messages from Thunderbid as EML messages.




Author - replied on July 08, 2017

Yes, you can easily convert all of your eml messages in 1 day. Software will convert 80 thousand messages in about 3 hours. software fully support Thunderbird exported EML files.