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Welcome to Mailsware Affiliate Program! Join our premium affiliate network and start earning up to $4000 as commission on qualifying sales. We offer the best commission rate in the industry i.e. of about 10%. Our Affiliate program is free, easy and it pays you well! Life as Mailsware affiliate is much comfortable when compared to any other business. All of our products speaks for themselves and is potentially powerful to sell themselves. What else an affiliate requires to find his flourish his business with flying colors of success.

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Mailsware is the leading name in the email migration and email data management domain since the day of its inception. As an email migration solution provider, Mailsware have established its presence over multiple countries including USA, Europe, and GCC. With more than 1 million customers from across the globe, Mailsware is a name your user prefer when their search is for a best email migration software. More than 100+ software applications on email migration, email recovery and email server management makes the Mailsware resource hub a rich platform of apt solutions. Our most trusted and on demand tools are successfully marketed globally by our affiliates. We welcome any new applications to be our premier affiliate partner in the quench of expanding our business to next level of success.

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  • Best Selling Solutions - Mailsware deliver high performing, trustworthy solutions to its users. This qualities benefits the affiliate by helping them to fast sell the product of their choice to the clients.
  • Attractive Commission Rates - When compared to the other affiliate programs of the industry, Mailsware offers attractive commission rates along with guaranteed performance ratio. Up to 50% commission can be earned on each sale.
  • 24x7 Affiliate Support - Dedicated affiliate executive is assigned to each of our affiliate partners. This will help to increase the affiliate sales by timely resolving the concerns.
  • Regular Product Notification - Whenever any new update is available for our products, immediate notification is send across all our affiliate partners. This will help affiliate to sell Mailsware product that are updated with advance features to its clients.
  • Digital Software Delivery - To ensure fastest and reliable delivery of our solutions, we follow digital software delivery method. The promise of fastest availability of the software applications helps our team stand ahead of the crowd in competition.
  • On time Promotional Materials - Product screenshots, product feeds, box shots, banners and other text links and promotional content will be made available time to time. Being provided with all those essential materials for product marketing, help affiliate sell the product effectively.

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